Looking for Work After Graduation

Graduating from university is a fantastic achievement and deserves a day of celebration, but many fail to plan effectively when it comes to where to go next. This can come as a shock to a lot of new graduates, but … Continued

Why Employers Should Use a Professional Recruitment Agency

Professional recruitment agencies are invaluable to employers who are looking for candidates that are the perfect fit for their business. It’s not just finding a fantastic candidate that makes a recruitment agency so useful to employers, there are a plethora … Continued

Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

When you’re between jobs it can be hard to stay positive and motivated when there’s so much competition in the job market. However, if you let yourself become demotivated you begin to enter into a downward spiral of performing your … Continued

The 4 Most Important Rules for Creating CV’s

Your Curriculum Vitae is often the first impression you will give to a potential employer, so naturally it has to be done right to be effective. There are many critical factors that need to be considered when creating your CV, … Continued

Ways to Do Well in Your First Week of Employment

You’ve managed it, you’ve secured a job with a well-established employer and you’re about to start your first full week of working your new role. Your first week may be difficult, with getting used to the new environment, new responsibilities, … Continued

Preparing to Enter the Office Sector

If you’re looking to enter the office sector, you’ll need to have some knowledge under your belt to be an effective candidate. While there are plenty of different roles within the office sector to choose from, most of them have … Continued

4 Great Ways to Gain Some Valuable Experience

With today’s competitive job-seeking environment, having relevant experience is more important than ever. Many positions that classically had training included as part of the job are less common than they used to be. That’s why it is important to take … Continued

More Places to Look for Work

It’s a terrible thought to think that the perfect position for you was right under your nose the whole time. This could be very much the reality if you’re neglecting to look in certain places for job listings. The internet … Continued

How to Deal with Not Getting the Job

Rejection from a position you’ve applied for is a normal everyday experience that the vast majority of people have to deal with at least a few times throughout the lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; rather it can be … Continued