Looking for Work After Graduation

Graduating from university is a fantastic achievement and deserves a day of celebration, but many fail to plan effectively when it comes to where to go next. This can come as a shock to a lot of new graduates, but don’t fret, there’s always positions available in a large range of different industries.

One way to get a fantastic head start into the world of work is by getting in touch with a well-established and effective recruitment agency in Glasgow. Not only can they match you up with positions to match your newly acquired qualifications, they can take all of your prior experience and skills into account to find you a perfect match. This is just the tip of the iceberg though as there are many ways a great recruitment agency can help out a new graduate.

CV Guidance


Our employment experts can give you solid advice as to what employers in your chosen industry look for in a CV. From learning what essential information needs to be included, to making sure your CV is presented in an attractive and easy-to-read format, our team knows its stuff.

A CV is often an employer’s first impression of you, so it’s of the utmost importance that your CV catches the employer’s attention.

Interview Tips


The interview stage is what thousands of job-seekers tend to shy away from, but on the contrary, its the perfect opportunity to show employers exactly why you are their best choice.

Many graduates actually don’t have any interview experience which can make the thought of it seem much more grim, however, everyone gets better with practice. Not only this though, you’ll have tried and tested interview tips and techniques you’ll receive from your professional recruitment agency, so the odds are in your favour.

Job-Searching Guidance


Much like interviews, many graduates also haven’t carried out a job search before, there’s a first time for everything though. Naturally your helpful recruitment agency can point you in the right direction for independent job-seeking. You’ll know all the best places to look for job ads in no time at all, be it online or in shop windows.

A good tip to remember is that most universities have careers departments that will assist in helping both current students and alumni find work of all types, so make sure to check that out if possible.

Good Luck!

If you’ve recently graduated or are graduating from university in the next year or so, good luck with whatever your plans are, be it finding full-time work or further study.

Remember that by seeking the services of a well-established recruitment agency is one of the very best ways to find gainful employment as quickly as possible. Get in touch with HR Recruitment today, you won’t regret it.

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