Find Construction Jobs in Glasgow

Construction jobs and related positions are one of our specialist areas, with recruitment specialists on-board who are dedicated to finding people employment in this wide-ranging field.

From labourers and brick-layers, to plumbers and electricians, construction jobs make up an enormous chunk of employment positions in the UK, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to learn and hone the craft.

Construction Jobs Glasgow

Below we’ll take a look at some ways construction jobs can be made more accessible to anyone looking to break into the construction industry:

Gain the Right Training & Qualifications

To work in the construction industry, you’ll need to have gone through the correct training and have the necessary qualifications. That usually means taking on an apprenticeship or studying a degree in some type of construction.

You’ll need a recognised qualification like an NVQ, which you can gain from an Apprenticeship, to be able to work on-site and to gain certification.

Gain Certification from Known Schemes

One great way people start preparing to enter construction jobs is by getting certified from some known schemes. Some of these schemes include the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

These schemes let employers know that you are entirely certified and know what you’re doing on-site. When applying for a position, having these certifications puts you above any competition that doesn’t already also have them, so it’s definitely worth it. Some employers will even require you have certain certifications, so the more, the better.

Many of these schemes require that you take a short test to make sure you understand everything required for that specific type of work.

Find the Perfect Position for your Skillset

With all those years of training and the required certifications under your belt, you can then begin to find the perfect place in the construction industry for you. Consider all the types of work you would like to undertake, and how many of these types of work suit your current skills and experience.

Send potential employers a professional CV, detailing all your qualifications, certifications and experience, so they know what you are truly capable of. Even if you know the company isn’t hiring right now, it’s good to let them know that someone with your skillset is available if they require someone like you.

Construction jobs make up a large part of the workforce, and there is an unbelievable amount of variety within this field, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that construction jobs are easy to obtain. Be professional and consistent, and you are sure to find the position you’re looking for with time.

Remember, HR Recruitment have experts in the construction industry who know construction companies all over the UK. If you need assistance in finding your perfect fit within construction, get in touch with HR Recruitment today.

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