5 Handy Tips for Your Job Search

A job search requires that you know what you’re looking for, and that you know how to go about finding your target job. There are many things to consider, but with the right guidance, your next job-hunt can be a great success.

HR Recruitment has put together some handy tips to aid you in your next job search, put forward by some of our recruitment specialists. These tips are useful when applying in almost any field so be sure to keep them in mind the next time you are looking for that new job.

Find Hidden Vacancies, They’re Everywhere

A common misconception is that employers always advertise outside when they’re looking for someone new to fill in a role, even if they’re considering filling that role with someone already in the company.

The truth is that thousands of job vacancies don’t get advertised externally every year. That means there are massive opportunities being missed if you’re just relying on the internet or job posting boards.

To increase your chances of finding work, you should be proactive in your approach and try to find opportunities through networking and word-of-mouth. Maybe an acquaintance of yours in a local company knows that their employer has vacancies to fill. Knowing this, you can get in touch with that employer through calling and/or emailing, which might lead to you being considered.

Make Your CV Accessible

The vast majority of people in this day and age know how simple and easy it is to find something through search engines. With that in mind, you should be able to place your CV and/or important details online for any passing employer to see.

While hoping for an employer to come across your CV online isn’t a strategy to rely on, it can be a good way to increase your visibility to potential employers who may just happen to come across it.

Career-focussed websites like LinkedIn are also a great way to increase your visibility to employers online. You never know, you might just impress the right people by chance this way!

Network With Everyone

Surprisingly, even the most casual of conversations can lead to potential employment. There are plenty good Samaritans out there who may help you out if you’ve created a connection with them and if they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Another great idea is to keep in touch with to an extent with previous college/university tutors, and employers; especially if they are within the industry you are looking to enter. They might just know of some opportunities that are perfect for someone with your skills and qualifications.

Keep the Momentum Going

In today’s economy and job-climate, many people lose steam and give up looking for work for a while because of repeated rejections or employers not getting back to them. The problem is that these people are even less likely to find fulfilling work because they don’t possess the trait of persistence.

People who keep on looking for work when others have given up are more likely to find work because they are still making use of all the opportunities available to them. Employers are also more likely to hire them because persistence is a trait that employers want in their workers.

Be persistent, keep the momentum going, and you will find the role you’ve been searching for.

Remember that employment specialists and renowned recruitment agencies like HR Recruitment exist to help you in your job search. Look to them for support and guidance in finding a fulfilling employment role.

Good luck in your job search.

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