The retail and shops sector is very large, that can be seen just by taking a quick walk down a main street, but while that means there are many different roles to be filled, there is also a high level of competition.

The stereotypical job role within the retail and shops sector is working as a cashier in a supermarket or smaller store; however there is a large variety of different roles available. Some people deal with the shipments of products that come into the store, while others keep the shelves healthy with new produce, while others hang around to assist shoppers. The point here is that there is a mixture of roles you can choose from to suit your own strengths and weaknesses.

What’s Expected?

People working in the retail and shops sector often have many similarities with those working in the customer service sector in that they are both customer-centric. You need to be able to do your job quickly and effectively while also delivering service with a welcoming and friendly demeanour.

Candidates who can show that they can work as part of team with ease stand to be at a good advantage when trying to get an employer’s attention. Being punctual, polite, and being good with customers are also favourable traits within this field.

When it comes to store positions that have less of a communication with customers, productiveness is king. If you can follow a set process over a long period of time with little error then this type of role could be for you.

How Can We Help?

HR Recruitment has access to multiple industry experts within the retail and shops sector who can offer candidates advice and tips for getting the attention of well-established employers. From CV guidance to interview tips and practice, HR Recruitment helps countless individuals gain fulfilling employment in this sector every day.

We don’t just help you get better at finding work as an individual, HR Recruitment also offers to help match you up with job vacancies that suit your personal preferences, as well as your strengths, weaknesses, qualifications, and experience. Allow HR Recruitment to find you the perfect role today.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the Retail and Shops sector including:

  • Supermarket & Store Cashiers
  • Store Customer Service Assistants
  • In-Store Bakery Staff
  • In-Store Butcher Staff
  • Store Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Store Supervisors & Team Leaders

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.