Jobs in the administration sector offer fantastic opportunities for almost anyone looking for work because of 2 main factors:

  1. Countless companies require hard-working individuals to fill administration roles.
  2. There are often positions even for those with little experience or qualifications.

However, jobs in the administration sector can be very competitive for these same exact reasons, meaning you must put your best foot forward when being considered for a position.

Administration roles are extremely important for businesses, whether you’re writing up meeting notes as a typist, or keeping things running smoothly in the office. You need to show that you’re the right candidate for the job, someone the company can rely on.

What’s Expected?

One of the core traits of working in an administration job is being organised. If you’re working with data, writing up a report or organising forms, you can’t cut corners, you need work like a perfectionist. If you can show that you are both reliable and accurate in your work, you will be exactly what employers are looking for.

In terms of your work environment, the likelihood is that you will be behind a desk in an office when in an administration job. Naturally this means you will be expected to be comfortable using a computer and the common programs used by office workers e.g. word processors, spreadsheets, Email etc. This is usually a necessity in the administration sector, so if you don’t have the required knowledge or experience yet, you may consider taking classes before you apply for any administration positions.

It is also worth mentioning that some employees in the administration sector take on a manager role, so any experience of working in a team and/or leading a team is extremely valuable.

How Can We Help?

The employment specialists at HR Recruitment help many job-seekers jump into the administration sector every day, they know exactly what employers want in a candidate. By working with our experts, we can provide you with advice concerning your approach to employers, your CV, and your interview skills.

HR Recruitment can also match your skills and experience with the perfect role for you in this administration sector. By letting us match you up with a suitable position, you can be sure that you are applying for a position that aligns with your credentials as well as your personal preferences.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the Administration sector including:

  • Office Clerks
  • Data Entry Staff
  • Typists
  • Assistants
  • Administration Managers

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.