Jobs in the leisure and tourism sector are coveted by job-seekers who love to travel themselves. Being able to make someone’s dream holiday come true can be a very fulfilling role, especially so if you have the right traits and experience for the job.

Positions in the leisure and tourism sector can vary wildly, the most commonly considered role is one of a travel consultant. However, there are plenty of other employment positions to work towards, such as travel coordinators, team leaders, establishment contractors, general managers, and much more.

What’s Expected?

In a travel consultancy type role, an in-depth knowledge on what you are offering and advertising to customers is likely the most critical factor in being successful. You need to be able to inform clients on what there is to do and see at their chosen destination, how they can travel there and back, and what details they should know about their destination before arriving for the first time.

If you already have the knowledge you need, the other half of the requirement is having the skills necessary to convey that information clearly and effectively. A travel consultancy position is similar in some ways to a sales sector position in that you need to be able to build rapport with clients, as well as the fact that most of these roles are commission-based. If you satisfy both of these criteria, you should definitely consider a position within this sector.

Other job roles such as managers, coordinators, and contractors usually require experience working in similar roles previously. These positions can often be the result of working up the career ladder from a consultant role over time.

These roles require that you are effective at working with people, be it a team or clients. A natural leader type would do well in these types of jobs, among other traits such as being a good negotiator, being determined and hard-working, having a high self-efficacy, and being well-organised.

How Can We Help?

HR Recruitment have helped many job-seekers enter the leisure and tourism sector over the years. We pride ourselves on finding job-seekers the perfect role to suit their level of experience and skills, along with their personal preferences.

We find candidates that have exactly the right traits and attitude to do well in a specific sector, we then refer them to well-established employers within that sector, if they fit our candidate’s preferences. It really is a thorough process, which HR Recruitment’s employment experts perform quickly and efficiently.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the leisure and tourism sector including:

  • Travel Consultants
  • Travel Coordinators
  • Establishment Contractors
  • Team-leaders
  • Managers
  • Business Travel Specialists

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.