The customer service sector is extremely large, boasting millions of people working in all kinds of different establishments that exist solely to serve the customer. Be it behind a shop counter or pouring drinks in a bar, good customer service is usually of the utmost importance to any business.

The great thing about the customer service sector is that there is plenty of variety in the types of places you can actually work within. This allows you to choose companies you like or products you believe in and begin working to put these across to customers.

What’s Expected?

Customer service representatives are very important in that they become the face of the company they work for when interacting with a customer. This means that you must be able to give great service and assistance to those who need it and also deliver those actions in a polite and pleasant manner.

Another important part of working in customer service is knowing the company and product(s) inside out. You’re there to assist the customer and sometimes they will just be looking for in-depth information before choosing to buy your products or service. Being knowledgeable and approachable are two key traits of being good in the customer service sector, and if you can bring this across in an interview then you will be that much more likely to succeed.

How Can We Help?

HR Recruitment have advisors with many years of experience working in the customer service sector, they know what makes a good employee, and what employers look for. Taking guidance from their advice and tips will certainly boost your chances of getting the job you are looking for within the customer service sector.

That’s not all we can do however, we can also match you up with the perfect job based on your level of experience, your qualifications, and your personal preferences. HR Recruitment take all your information and preferences into account when finding you a suitable position, so you can be sure to find well-established employers with great track records.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the customer service sector including:

  • Retail Customer Service
  • Phone Customer Service
  • Bar & Restaurant Customer Service
  • Online Assistance

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.