The hospitality and catering Sector is one of the UK’s most popular sectors, drawing in job-seekers from all over the country. Not only this, but the exciting potential to rise through a career ladder in this sector makes it somewhat competitive.

A position in the hospitality and catering sector need not involve cooking and/or serving food as many people view it. There is actually a very wide variety of roles to choose from, including managing a team, waiting tables, configuring vending machines, and much more.

What’s Expected?

Because of the various positions within the hospitality and catering sector, it can be difficult to narrow down the specific traits of the perfect employee, however there are some traits which are naturally attractive for anyone in the hospitality and catering industry to possess. Such traits include being hard-working, being a quick-learner, and having an eye for detail.

When we begin to narrow down traits and requirements for specific hospitality and catering roles, what is required from you becomes much more distinct.

Roles such as waiting, serving drinks, and cleaning are much more open to people who don’t possess a specific qualification or training that would allow them to fill such roles as chefs or cooks. While these positions are often much more acquirable when you have relevant experience, many employers are willing to invest in you by training you to fill the role you are applying for. What’s more is that you may even be trained in other areas, allowing you to progress into different positions later on in your career.

More specialised roles like cooking and preparing food require that you have the prerequisites of experience, training and/or a relevant qualification. Requirements will vary between different hospitality and catering businesses and establishments, some requiring you to be able to prepare and produce the products they offer to customers. Team management and other similar roles within the catering industry also tend to want applicants with good credentials, with relevant experience, so keep this in mind before applying for a role.

How Can We Help?

Because of the large range of jobs available in the hospitality and catering industry, it is critical that you are able to identify which roles match your experience and qualifications, this is where HR Recruitment comes in.

We can find positions within the hospitality and catering industry and match them with your preferences and suitability, bringing you legitimate job opportunities with well-established companies that we have experience with. Not only this, but we can also help you out with your CV and your interview technique during your job-hunt to give you the best chance possible of gaining fulfilling employment.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the Hospitality and Catering sector including:

  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Waiters & Waitresses
  • Food Artists
  • Managers
  • Team Co-ordinators
  • Supervisors
  • Food & Drink Machine Technicians

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.