The food production industry in Scotland has a fantastic variety of produce, including some of the most sought after natural produce in the world. Food manufacturing in Scotland employs approximately 33,600,00 personnel with an annual turnover of 4.7 billion. This represents over half of the combined total for the Scottish food and drink industry making this sector a vital one to the Scottish economy and one which we, as an agency, have considerable experience in.

There are many different types of roles within the food production sector, each requiring candidates with differents sets of skills and varying levels of previous experience. By knowing what is expected of someone within each role, you can increase your overall chances of securing gainful employment.

What’s Expected?

Because of the wide range of positions within the food production sector, we can’t go into detail about every position available within this field, however we can offer a general answer as to what is expected of an employee.

Some positions such as warehouse and production line operatives are fantastic for those who are just entering the food production sector, simply because these positions are often accompanied by on-the-job training. Not only this, you can also expect opportunities to move up the career ladder to more demanding but rewarding positions such as team leader or manager. If you’re looking to enter a managerial or supervisor role however, you will most likely require experience in a similar role.

Managerial positions are a lot of responsibility, meaning employers want people with previous experience, as well as traits like having good interpersonal skills, being a natural leader, being organised, and being accurate. Even if you have these traits but no experience, you can still work your way up from lower positions within the company to the higher roles over a period of time, so it’s always an option.

Other more specific roles like forklift driver or filleters may both require experience, training, and certification that you can use the required machinery safely and effectively. Having this training can make you an invaluable asset to an employer in the food production sector, so if you get the chance to undergo this training from an employer, it’s a great idea to take the offer.

Overall you need to be hardworking, accurate, efficient, motivated, and a quick learner to do well in the food production sector. Exhibiting these traits in your application to employers will definitely increase your chances of securing a position within the food production sector.

How Can We Help?

HR Recruitment’s employment specialists are dedicated to helping you find the perfect position to suit your skills, experience, and qualifications. Our efficient matching process is used to recommend you to well-established employers who are looking for job-seekers with your set of skills.

That’s not all we do for our clients however, our industry experts can also offer you some great advice pertaining to your chosen field of work, the type of advice that can put you at an advantage against competition. There really is no downside to using the services of a well-known and recommended recruitment agency like HR Recruitment.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the food production sector including:

  • General Operatives
  • Quality Control Operatives
  • Packers
  • Production Line Operatives
  • Filleters (Hand cut & Machine cut)
  • Bottling Operatives
  • Band Saw Operatives
  • Stock Controllers
  • Store Room Personnel
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Cleaning Operatives
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Administrative Staff
  • Forklift Drivers

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.