Sales skills aren’t everything when it comes to jobs in the insurance sector – as many people may believe. In amongst sales, there are other roles such as building relationships with clients, developing links and connections with businesses, developing business plans, and much more.

Naturally there is also different types of insurance that a job-seeker can step into. From life and home insurance to car and travel insurance, there is always something different out there to specialise in, each providing its own unique set of challenges.

It’s important that a job-seeker knows exactly what there is available within a sector like the insurance sector before applying for a role. Below we’ll take a look at what most employers look for in an insurance sector employee.

What’s Expected?

While having great qualifications under your belt can only serve to help you when looking for a position in almost any sector, the insurance sector focusses mainly on hiring candidates with strengths within a certain skill range. Some of these skills include; communication, negotiation, analysis, problem-solving, and IT.

Why these skills though? Well, good communication and negotiation are paramount to providing customers with the insurance they require. Customer rapport is extremely important, and if you can’t build that effectively, customers may look elsewhere for their insurance. Analysis and problem-solving come into the equation when figuring out how to get customers, how to approach businesses, how to market yourself. And finally, IT skills are almost universally required in any office setting, where you would likely be based at least some of the time.

If the above skills sound like your strengths, you should definitely consider a career in insurance, the progression can be very lucrative depending on the company you find a position with.

How Can We Help?

When it comes to the insurance sector, HR Recruitment have matched up many job-seekers with employers looking for candidates with the right skills to do well in this sector. Our thorough process can match your skills and experience with established employers looking for people just like you.

Not only can our employment experts match you up with the perfect job opportunity, they can also provide you with invaluable tips and advice. This information comes from professionals with years of experience in the insurance sector, it can be just what job-seekers need to get their foot in the door with insurance sector employers.

We recruit and supply for all positions within the insurance sector including:

  • Insurance Salespeople
  • Account Handlers
  • Team Managers
  • Customer Service Advisers
  • Customer/Industry Researchers
  • Risk Consultants

This list is not intended to be exhaustive and we recruit and supply for many other positions.