Call Centre Jobs

Call centre jobs require a good work ethic and the interpersonal skills to converse with others effectively. By working in a call centre environment, you are a very important cornerstone in how a company communicates with its clients and deals with their problems. You’ll more than likely be a customer’s first port of contact so being armed with company knowledge and information is a must, along with a positive and pleasant attitude.

Call centre jobs

Below we’ll take a look at what makes a good employee when it comes to call centre jobs:

Knowing Your Stuff

It goes without saying that call centre jobs require having important information at hand for clients phoning in, as well as for making outgoing calls. If your call centre job uses a script, make sure you know that script down to the last letter so you can put forward the information you need to even if the conversation goes off track.

A skilled call centre job employee will be able to deliver their script well enough to make it sound like normal conversation, without sounding like it’s been read off of a screen. People are much more likely to listen to you intently when you take this approach.

Phonetic Alphabet: a Helpful Tool

There’s nothing quite as awkward as repeatedly not understanding what someone is saying, this can make clients want to end the call, something you would rather avoid.

By learning your phonetic alphabet, it can become a useful tool for safeguarding against this kind of problem. If your client can’t quite hear you when you say the name “Jim”, you can say “It is spelled; Juliet, India, Mike.” This is often better than using any old word to get your spelling across as some words you use could sound very similar over the phone and this could become confusing.

Being Polite in Any Situation

It can’t be stressed enough that a good call centre job employee should always be polite, even when a client is rude. Unfortunately it is commonplace that many people don’t particularly like talking to call centre workers, so you have to work extra hard on getting them to open up to you.

By remaining composed, polite and considerate throughout all your calls, you’ll maximise the likelihood of the caller engaging with the company.

And who knows, you may even make their day!

Make Your Current Call Your Top Priority

In every line of work, employers want focussed and dedicate employees; call centre jobs are no different.

If you’re currently on the phone with a client, give them all of your focus and attention during that call, leave distractions like the internet or your peers to one side.

Not only will this please both your manager and your caller, it will allow you to take pride in your work and motivate you further. You can leave that call knowing you gave it 100% and no less.

This attitude can only serve you well in meeting quotas and deadlines!

Learning to Enjoy It

Many call centre job employees find that after they’ve got the hang of things, they find they actually enjoy the work they’re doing.

It’s true that anyone can reach that level of enthusiasm with enough time and effort, take that first step.

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