Christmas Recruitment in Glasgow Preparing to Pick up

Seasonal workers get ready: Christmas recruitment in Glasgow is preparing to pick up shortly. Late October and early November mark the start of the annual shopping season that runs through until mid-January. The next 2½ months will present great opportunities to earn some extra money by way of the shopping season and holiday tourism.

As Scotland’s largest city and strongest economy, Glasgow supports more than 400,000 jobs across dozens of different sectors. Manufacturing has always been strong in the city and, in recent years, there has been significant growth in financial services, business services, bio sciences and more. What does this have to do with Christmas recruiting? With all of the economic activity in and around the city, a strong retail sector exists to support those who live and work there. Where there are jobs there is money being spent during the Christmas season.

Christmas Recruitment

Retail in Glasgow

As you might expect, Glasgow is the retail centre of Scotland. The city’s strong retail environment supports both city residents and those living in outlying areas alike. During the annual Christmas shopping season, people from all over central and south Scotland flock to the city for exciting shopping excursions. The retail sector must be operating at peak performance during this time.

In order to expand business hours and meet consumer needs, independent shop owners and national retailers alike employ temporary seasonal workers. Some of these workers will be interacting directly with customers on the sales floor. Others will be working in warehousing operations, the back office or in marketing and merchandising. Of course, the logistics sector needs more workers to handle moving goods around the country. Motoring companies and freight forwarders are already in hiring mode in preparation for the Christmas season.

Tourism in Glasgow

Glasgow is the UK’s fourth most popular tourist destination. During the Christmas season, tourists come from all over Western Europe to participate in the city’s six-week Christmas party beginning in the middle of November. It is also not uncommon for foreigners visiting London to take a day or two to travel up to Glasgow.

The party begins with the activation of the city’s Christmas lights in mid-November. This is such a popular event that admission must be controlled through ticket sales. Then there is the annual Christmas Carnival, the Santa Dash road race, the Blessing of the Crib, and more. A full calendar of events keeps people coming to Glasgow throughout the annual Christmas season.

For recruiters, the activity means an up-tick in Christmas recruitment to meet the needs of transport companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. The annual season is as much an economic boon for them as it is for the retail and tourist sectors. This is the time of year when the frenzy of activity can really boost the recruiter’s bottom line.

If you are hoping to score some temporary employment this Christmas season, now is the time to start looking for work. All the best jobs will go quickly; the sooner you start looking, the better your chances of finding the job you want. The annual Christmas recruitment season is your opportunity to earn some extra cash while at the same time getting out there and enjoying the holidays in the midst of all the action.

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