Common Mistakes During An Interview – Don’t Let It Be You.

Interviews are often perceived negatively and candidates generally find it difficult to control their nerves and answer questions in a coherent manner. In order to satisfy the interviewer and leave a positive impression you must meet specific criteria. The following list of common mistakes should shed some light on points to look out for during the interview process, either with employment agencies, temping agencies or recruitment consultants.


1. Lack of preparation

Firstly, make sure that you have researched the company and its values beforehand. If you fail to grasp the brand image and who its target market is then you will likely not understand the business model. This is a simple mistake and generally interviewers will be able to tell if you have actually tried to learn about the company. Usually this is the difference between appearing enthusiastic and not with regards to your potential role in the business. A recent survey  found 72% of job seekers are confident about presenting their skills during an interview. The best advice here is to be confident and prepare well in advance.

2. Be Punctual

If you make the all too common mistake of being late for your interview then the employer and interviewer will generally think that you are not interested in and trustworthy. If you think that excuses, such as a traffic jam, will be accepted by the employment agency or recruitment consultant then think again. These kind of explanations for lateness are not tolerated and will create a bad impression of you and your character.

3. Dress to impress

Creating a great first impression is imperative and if you do not do this then one of the other candidates will. This could be the difference between you and someone else getting hired for the role. Make sure you appear smart, dresses in business attire looking as professional as you can.

4. Speaking negatively about your previous employer

The way in which you mention your previous employer to the recruitment consultant is not only a reflection on your previous manager but a reflection on you as well. You must carefully consider the circumstances under which you are being asked about previous employers before you decide on the appropriate response. Just because you didn’t enjoy your last job doesn’t mean you should highlight it in a negative light. How you discuss your past roles and speak about your previous line manager will ultimately impact on the decision whether to give you the job or not.

5.  Lying on your CV

Ultimately, what is written on your CV will be called into question during the interview process. If you do not tell the truth during the interview to the employment agency or recruitment consultant you could be found out. There are now tests and checks which every employment agency goes through, so be as honest as possible with the interviewer.

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