How to Deal with Not Getting the Job

Rejection from a position you’ve applied for is a normal everyday experience that the vast majority of people have to deal with at least a few times throughout the lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; rather it can be a great way to improve your next application.

However if you’ve been having an unlucky streak recently then the mounting rejections can start to get to you. Below we’ll take a look at some ways you can approach unsuccessful applications and come out stronger.

Reflect on What You have Learned

Chances are that there is always something you could have done better in your interview or a follow-up to your application. While that certainly may not have been the reason you were unsuccessful, it helps to identify where you could fit some improvement.


There could be a number of areas that you believe could have contributed to the result of your attempt. Maybe your CV could use a revamp? Maybe your interview technique needs practice? Once you identify that area, you can take steps to improve yourself and increase the likelihood of your next attempt being a successful one.

Consider the Scope of Your Search

Some candidates face many unsuccessful job application attempts simply because they send out applications to a large range of employers who want a very specific set of skills. Instead of continuing your current strategy, consider narrowing your search to just the job you have a high chance of getting.


Not only will this keep you focussed on jobs that are suited to your level of skills and experience, it will save you time attempting to secure jobs that you have a lower chance of procuring. This will also save you the emotional drag of dealing with unsuccessful applications, something no one enjoys doing.

Keep Up Your Motivation

No matter how many unsuccessful attempts you may come across, it is critical that you keep your motivation up and keep on improving yourself.

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