Did You Hire The Wrong Person? Why Did This Happen?

You have gone through the lengthy process of recruitment and you find out, down the line, maybe 6 to 12 months later that the wrong decision was made. Naturally, you should blame the candidate that you hired. Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Normally employment agencies and recruitment consultants write up the job specification, it’s checked by their manager, and the role is advertised. Correct? You would think so. During this process, there needs to be much more attention to detail on the recruiters side.

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For example, a recruitment agency is asked by their client to source the best candidate for a marketing role, the client states that they need the role filled urgently and gives the recruitment agency a deadline of four weeks to find the best person. In actual fact, it takes on average 45 days to fill a job role, with the average recruiter spending 3 hours per day sourcing candidates. With this aside, the main point here is that the recruitment agency is rushed, not given enough time and will act fast to find the candidate. This is bad decision making and often costs both parties in the long-run. There is an argument here to say that more time should be given to employment agencies and recruitment consultants in order to interview and select the perfect candidate. After all, most bad decisions are the ones made with little time given.

So, with the ‘lack of time’ argument given to the temping agency been discussed let’s look at another reason why you might of hired the wrong person. Take, for example, internal conflict and personal opinions. These two points are very important when it comes to employee satisfaction and their personal job satisfaction. Maybe the problem actually lies in your internal customer’s attitudes and behaviours. Or maybe the problem is that you just left the new member of staff to integrate with everyone, without actually introducing them and including them in your team. Often new members of staff can feel neglected, un-important and end up disliking their job simply for the fact that they were never included from the start. They may feel jealous or upset that they were never properly introduced. This is a simple mistake, however, it can happen too often. So, to answer the question, whose fault is this? The answer has to be the business owner. Great internal relations will always the backbone of success to your businesses long term profitability, with a new hire presenting  the perfect opportunity to grow your company.

From the beginning, make sure that the new recruit meets all of their immediate colleagues, team managers and other teams, even if they don’t directly impact on the person’s role. Ultimately, this will allow them to see the bigger picture.

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