Finding Manufacturing & Warehouse Jobs in Glasgow

HR Recruitment has multiple teams of industry specialists for a number of different industries, one of these teams specialises in manufacturing and warehouse jobs.


Being a large sector of UK industry, there are a range of different important positions to be filled. With that in mind, many seek the help of a professional recruitment agency to secure a manufacturing or warehouse job of their own.

HR Recruitment has put together some information on manufacturing and warehouse jobs to help you decide on what kind of position you feel you would fit best within this sector.

Semi-Skilled Positions

Many people look for warehouse operative, packer, and production line staff positions at first to break into the manufacturing and warehouse maintenance industry. From these types of jobs, it is quite common to receive training from an employer to earn a forklift license and the like, which makes it quite an attractive option for those seeking employment in this industry.

Generally speaking, many of those who enter a semi-skilled position in the warehouse and manufacturing industry can move into a skilled position with the right attitude and opportunities.

If this sounds like an attractive employment option to you, then consider getting in touch with the specialists at HR Recruitment who can give you further advice.

Skilled Positions

If you have prior experience in a manufacturing and/or warehouse job, you may have the necessary skills to enter straight into a skilled position within a company in this sector.

Skilled workers will have licenses to use specialist machinery like forklifts and cherry-pickers; they also may have certification of undergoing training in manufacturing processes. Having this experience under your belt can make you an attractive choice for employers, as they put you a step above the competition that may not have the experience and qualifications you have.


It’s important to note, however, that while you may have what employers are looking for, they are sometimes more likely to promote within their business, rather than seeking a candidate outside of their company. Knowing this, it may not be a terrible idea to begin building rapport with a warehouse or manufacturing company by working in a semi-skilled position and then being available for promotion to a skilled position.

As you can see, there are many different access points and promotion routes you can take when it comes to manufacturing and warehouse jobs.

Where to Begin

No matter what your level of experience is in the manufacturing and/or warehouse field, it is always helpful to have a well-established and professional recruitment agency by your side.

Get in touch with HR Recruitment today, and our specialist industry team will help you find and gain the employment position you’ve been looking for.

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