Job Interview Tips

First impressions are critical when it comes to finding employment, and a great interview is often the most important aspect of that first impression. Many people find the idea of a job interview daunting, however it can most definitely be a very positive experience with the right attitude, especially if you know how to approach your job interview.

The 3 P’s

3 distinct parts should be kept in mind when preparing for a job interview; planning, practice, and performance.

By planning effectively, you can know exactly what to expect in the interview, what information to prepare in advance, how to answer most questions, and how to put across who you are in the best way possible.

Through practice of answering questions and describing yourself to employers, you can be that much more confident in what you say. Confidence goes a long way in how people perceive you; sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

Then when it comes to the actual interview, it should be a performance, something practiced that flows smoothly and goes according to a thought-out plan. There may well be questions and occurrences that you do not expect; the key is to have a large pool of knowledge and ability to pull from for almost any situation that arises.

By looking to the 3 P’s (Planning, Practice & Performance), you should be able to show interviewers exactly who you are and why you are the one who deserves the job.

We’ve put together some general interview tips that should help you out in your future interviews below:

The First 30 Seconds Are Important

When first meeting with your interviewer, make sure to employ a good handshake and a smile along with your greeting, this shows that you’re both a friendly and open person, the type of people employers want.

If you’re being escorted to an interview room, be sure to add in some appropriate small talk on the way. Interviewers will already be making subconscious perceptions about what kind of person you are as soon as you walk in the door, so it’s important to make every second count.

Have Materials & Information at the Ready

It’s good practice to bring a handy copy of your CV with you just in case the interviewer wants to refer specifically to something on your CV.

Another rule of thumb is to have a final read over your own CV and the job description just before the interview to refresh your memory on any important details that might come up.

Body Language Doesn’t Lie

Human body language can tell a lot about someone’s thoughts or feelings in the heat of the moment. You can use this to your advantage by sitting straight, maintaining a good level of eye-contact, and leaning slightly forward when making an important point.

Try to avoid crossing the arms and legs, and don’t slouch! This can convey that you’re not interested in what’s going on, or that you are closed off from who you are speaking to.

Good Luck!

By taking on board some of these handy tips and approaches to your job interviews, you’re sure to improve your performance in no time and bag that job you’ve been aiming for!

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