What You Need to Know About Recruitment Agencies

If you are looking for a new job and do not know where to start looking, you may be wondering about the role of a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies exist to match job seekers with companies looking to fill a particular position. It used to be the case that the company would advertise a position and would then have to go through the hassle of sorting through applications to find the best person for the job. However, these days, recruitment agencies do that job for them. Recruitment agencies know what makes a good candidate and have the skills and experience necessary to match the right person to the job. It takes the onus off the employer to shortlist candidates and means that the employer only has to conduct the interview and then choose the best candidate for the job.

About Recruitment Agencies

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies are hired by companies wishing to fill a particular position within their company and they will be sent a job description by the company. The agency will then advertise that position on the relevant job sites and, when the applications arrive, will sort through them and create a shortlist of suitable candidates. The agency will usually interview each possible candidate before sending their CV to the company. Once the company receives the shortlist, they will usually decide which of the candidates they would like to interview.

The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

Using a recruitment agency provides benefits to both the client and the candidate. The client does not have to take time out from running the business to sort through CVs and can simply concentrate on interviewing the best candidates for the job.

When it comes to job seekers, using recruitment agencies is a wise idea. Most companies use recruitment agencies to advertise positions within their company, so the best jobs tend to be in the hands of these agencies.

Recruitment agencies have usually developed a strong relationship with their clients and may know the interviewers’ preferences in terms of candidates. They will also often have an in-depth knowledge of the company in question and can provide tips to their candidates for the interview process. A good recruitment agency will want candidates to do well so will provide advice on things to ask and what to say during the interview. This can be very helpful for nervous candidates and may help to put them at ease.

Candidates who use recruitment agencies may find that the agency will do the negotiations for them if they are offered the position. The recruitment agencies will have experience in the art of negotiation and may be able to get the best package for their candidate.

How to Sign up with a Recruitment Agency

Most agencies will have their own website, which will allow job seekers to upload their CV. Someone from the agency will then contact the job seeker to discuss job requirements and the type of employment looked for – i.e. whether itis full or part time or a permanent position or temporary work.

Candidates can also apply for advertised positions by sending their CV to the relevant person at the agency. These details will be found in the advert.

Who Pays the Recruitment Agency fees?

Job seekers do not have to pay to use a recruitment agency. The company seeking to fill a position will pay the recruitment agency for the work they do in finding candidates and will pay should the agency provide a successful candidate. A recruitment agency may charge for additional services they provide such as CV editing but will advise of this before carrying out any work.

Finding a Recruitment Agency

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