The Role of the Recruitment Agency

When it comes to finding a job, recruitment agencies play a major role. Busy companies will often outsource their recruitment needs to a particular agency who will then take care of things such as shortlisting, interviewing, and reference checking.

Job seekers will often head straight to their local recruitment agency when they are looking for a new job as they know that most of these agencies will have the best jobs available and will do everything possible to match them with the perfect position.

The Role of the Recruitment Agency

What does the Recruitment Agency do?

Recruitment agencies are hired by companies wishing to fill a particular position within their organisation. The recruitment agency will then use the details provided by the company to place an advert on appropriate websites so that jobseekers can apply. Once the job has been posted and the applications begin arriving, it is the job of the recruitment agency to sort through the applications to find the most suitable candidates for the position based on their experience and qualifications.

Applicants are usually required to attend the office of the recruitment agency before they will be recommended for interview. The reason for this is so that the agency can speak to the candidate in person to see how they handle an interview situation. The recruitment agency will also want to make sure that each candidate is presentable and will create a good first impression on the company. At the end of the day, the recruitment agency will want to make sure that the company is happy with those put forward by the agency and will want to make the interview process as short as possible for their busy client.

Once a Suitable Candidate has been Chosen

Some companies will deal exclusively with one recruitment agency, while others will hire more than one. Therefore, the recruitment agency will want to make sure that it can provide the company with the best possible candidate as this will increase the chance that they get their commission and secure repeat business. The agency will work closely with the candidates and will arrange an interview with the client at a time that is suitable for all.

Many agencies will offer services to the candidate such as help with writing their CV or tips on how to get through the interview process. The success of the candidate is important to the recruitment agency, so it pays for them to be as helpful as possible.

Importance of Offering a Top Service

A recruitment agency works with both the client and the candidate and must offer a good service to both. Although it is the company that hires the recruitment agency and ultimately pays the fee, the recruitment agency must also offer a top service to its candidates. Without the candidate, there will be no one to fill the position, so it is important to keep both client and candidate happy.

The success of a recruitment agency will depend on the relationship its staff establish with both candidate and client. A good working relationship with the client will encourage repeat business. Developing a good relationship with candidates mean that they are more likely to return to the agency when they are job seeking again. If an agency has helped a candidate to find a job in the past, they are more likely to use them again.

Finding a Top Recruitment Agency

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