Why You Should Take Your Time Recruiting New Staff

With the last few years proving very difficult for employment agencies, recruitment consultants, temping agencies and part-time workers the jobs market is now showing positive signs of recovery.


In fact, a recent survey conducted on small medium enterprise business owners suggests that we will now start to see a shift upwards in the jobs market. With this being said, it is interesting to better understand how business owners can increase their chances of recruiting the right person for the right role.

For example, there are a variety of possible candidates out there, all with individual skills, so how do you select the correct one? More importantly, how do you know they are going to be productive, serve you well and be loyal to the company? Bad hiring mistakes are costly and can halt the productivity of your business, both in terms of money and moral. Some business owners will hire purely on skill, some will hire purely on people skills, with other choosing a fine balance. There are many variables to analyse and understand before you select th

e potential candidate, but how do you know you are thinking about the correct personal characteristics? In addition, do these characteristics actually hold any value to the organisation or are they merely a product of what you expect the right candidate to be like?

The best advice is to take a step back, analyse the job role, understand exactly what is involved and whether the potential candidate would be able to perform the duties to a high standard. Once you realise that they are able to perform the duties to a high standard, ask yourself will they maintain these high standards and exceed them or are they going to do well for the first couple of months then leave the organisation? This is the crucial mistake interviewees, business owners and employment agencies make. Recruitment consultants are far too fast to make snap judgements about part-time workers, due to the ridiculously high staff turnover levels which part-time staff are known for. A bad recruitment decisions can, on average, cost around 50% to 300% of the person’s annual salary. So, in theory, if you hire a member of staff for £20,000 – and they only last for three months – the least this is likely to cost the business is £10,000, however, it may cost more. With this example, do not forget to include the cost of then trying to find somebody else to fill the position, lost opportunities, possible damage to existing client relationships, loss of productivity, the impact this may have on managers or damage to overall team moral.

In reality, can employment agencies or recruitment consultants afford to get the hiring process wrong? The answer to this is a resounding no.

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