Ways to Do Well in Your First Week of Employment

You’ve managed it, you’ve secured a job with a well-established employer and you’re about to start your first full week of working your new role. Your first week may be difficult, with getting used to the new environment, new responsibilities, and new roles. It could also be somewhat relaxed as you’re expected to learn how your work operates before getting into the real deal.

Whatever your experience, HR Recruitment has some great tips to help you do well in your first week in your new job. First impressions are important, often both with your boss and your fellow co-workers, so knowing how to approach your first few shifts is very important.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the ways to do well and make a good impression during your first week of employment.

Reach Out to Your Co-Workers


It’s usually a great idea to introduce yourself to everyone you’ll be working beside so they get a good first impression of you, making you more approachable and also making others know that you are likely to be a team player. This will also come in handy when it comes to teamwork and work relationships.

On a side note, it also doesn’t hurt for your new boss to find out that you are settling into your new position comfortably by word of mouth.

Build Some Rapport With Your New Boss


No doubt your new boss will want to know how you are getting on for the first few weeks you are working at your new job. This is mainly to see how you are coping, what your attitude to the work is, and to get a good idea of your character.

Be in control of his or her impression of you by being proactive. Chat with your boss when he or she isn’t busy, some friendly remarks peppered with updates on how well you are settling in certainly won’t hurt in most circumstances.

Take Up Every Invitation


During your first while at your new job, it may be worth your while to take as many voluntary opportunities as possible. This can be anything from volunteering to undertake a task when asked, to attending a co-worker’s social event. Benefits of doing so include; showing you are hard-working, showing you are willing to go the extra mile, and building rapport with peers.

Of course, the other added benefit of some of these invitations and opportunities is that they can be fun as well!

Show Off Your Most Positive Qualities


Do you remember what traits, qualifications, or experience really impressed your new employer during your interview? These are the kind of things you should aim to embody during your time in your new employment role as it will be a constant reminder to your boss as to why he or she hired you in the first place.

It’s likely best to bring these things up only when relevant, otherwise it can come off as boasting.

Good Luck in Your New Job

If you’ve just landed a new job in the sector you were looking to enter, HR Recruitment would like to congratulate you on your new role. If you keep in mind our tips above, you’re sure to have a successful first few weeks in your new position.

If you’re still looking for work, get in touch with HR Recruitment today to find out how we can find you the perfect position to suit your skills, qualifications and experience.

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