Writing an Impressive Cover Letter

Writing an impressive cover letter requires genuine effort, and knowledge of what the potential employer is looking for in a candidate.

Many people make the mistake of creating a very generic and bland cover letter to use for every position they apply for. This only bores the employer and allows your application to drown in the sea of other generic applications.

To give yourself the best chance possible of success, you should be crafting a unique and genuine cover letter for every employer. It should show your reasoning for why you are the best for the position, how much you know about the company or organisation, and that you conduct yourself professionally.

HR Recruitment offers you some tips for writing a cover letter that both impresses employers, and helps you make a good and strong first impression.

General Specifications

There are some general rules of thumb we urge you to keep in mind when planning out your cover letter, we’ve listed them below:

  • Type out your letter instead of hand-writing, your letter will be neater, easier to read, and will come across as more professional.
  • Makes sure you know who you are addressing your application to, if you’re not sure then get in touch with the employer and ask.
  • Language, tone and context are important, make sure to write sincerely and politely.
  • Be brief but comprehensive, feedback from employers suggests that many like a cover letter to be around half a page, but the shorter the better.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

This is your chance to talk about the strengths shown in your CV to your potential employers. Bring the employers’ attention to your relevant achievements, qualifications, projects and interests. These should reinforce what the employer will read later in your CV, and what they will chat with you about in your interview if you succeed.

Remember that the whole point of your application is to paint the employer the picture of the suitable and productive employee that you can be.

Show Off Your Company Knowledge

The covering letter is a terrific way to make your potential employer know that you have a wide knowledge of what their company does and what it stands for. If you can take that information and relate it to your own abilities and your own goals then this will go a long way in presenting yourself as the model employee.

It’s very often the case that something like this can swing a candidate’s chances of securing the job, as it shows you are enthusiastic about doing well by the company, putting you at a great advantage over your competitors.

Use the Opportunity to Explain

Some candidates use the covering letter as a way to explain employment gaps, or possibly a medical condition that may require accessibility needs. While you’re perfectly entitled to not include this information, it can be used to your advantage.

You can display the transferable skills and experience you have gained by what you accomplished during your time away from employment as a way to increase your chances of success.

A Good Cover Letter Can Make All the Difference

Writing a sincere and impressive cover letter can be the difference between not having your application read, and being the top candidate within minutes. With some extra time and effort, and the right know-how, anyone can reap the rewards of a terrific and memorable cover letter.

Keeping these guidelines in mind should help you in crafting an excellent cover letter.

HR Recruitment offers its clients extensive and professional advice on creating effective cover letters, CV’s, and much more.

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