Writing The Perfect CV Is Harder Than You Think

Six out of ten people don’t know how to write a CV. Writing a fantastic CV is the first step in securing your dream job. Ultimately, a successful CV will display your most recent, relevant experiences and skills while accurately showing a prospective employer exactly why they should hire you. When constructing your CV you should think about the impression you will be creating. Before you apply for the job you need to fully understand the type of person that the employer is searching for.


One of the best tips for writing the most effective CV possible is to be honest and factual. Usually the content in your CV will be used to structure the interview. Therefore, if you give false information in this stage you could pay the price later down the line.

When you begin writing your CV make sure that you start it with a strong statement which aims to position yourself in the most positive manner possible. This statement should focus on exactly what you are offering the company and a short list of your personal experience and skills.

Making yourself easily contactable is an essential factor when it comes to writing the perfect CV. Make sure you include all of the relevant information, for example, your address, telephone number and e-mail address.

You should focus on making your CV stand out, this means answering basic questions, such as, am I able to do the job? And, will I fit in with the organisation’s attitudes and values? All employment agencies and temping agencies will ask these questions, so it’s best to have a good answer to this thought out.

Once you have written your CV make sure to double and triple check it for any spelling mistakes or wrong dates. It’s easily done. Some employers will not take a second look at it after they find a mistake. Each section of your CV should be easy to read. This means highlighting key points and achievements which you are proud of. Over 70% of CVs miss important information and, as a result are disregarded by an employer.

In conclusion, your CV is an accurate representation of your skills, successes and achievements. For every statement which you make you should consider supporting this with numerical evidence to really stand out from the crowd and create trust in the recruitment consultant’s mind.

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