The Food Production industry in Scotland

The food production industry in Scotland has a fantastic variety of produce including some of the most sought after natural produce in the world.

Food manufacturing in Scotland employs approximately 33,600,00 personnel with an annual turnover of 4.7 billion. This represents over half of the combined total for the Scottish food and drink industry making this sector a vital one to the Scottish economy and one which we, as an agency, have considerable experience in.

Food Production Scotland
Glenfiddich Distillery stills” by Colin Smith – From

Scottish Exports

Recently it has been reported that Scottish exports are predicted to grow faster than the rest of the UK over the next four years with engineering and food production being the most important growths.

Scotland’s exports are highly sought after all over the world. Our Scottish Salmon is exported to over 60 countries every year, 36 bottles of whisky is exported every second and you will struggle to find a restaurant in the world who don’t pride themselves in serving Scottish imported beef and lamb.

This year shows a new plan from Scottish Development International to expand Scotland’s food and drink exports in 15 primary target markets. Sectors involved include dairy, seafood, craft beer, premium food services, and of course Scotch Whisky.

Mark Laing, chairman of Nairn’s in Edinburgh, said: “Exports are a key part of our business. We currently export to 30 countries around the world and have experienced the benefits from this, but we know there are many more potential opportunities out there.”

“It’s great to see Scotland’s food and drink sector coming together as one to lay out a plan for the industry as a whole.”

Working in the food industry

With Scotland’s rich collection of food and drink companies and rich collection of international exports, the food industry can be an exciting and fast paced industry to work in. Research into the Scottish Food Industry shows 65% of food and drink companies have hired within the past 3 years (a number which is likely to increase) and that 2% of all jobs in Scotland are in this industry.

Examples of jobs within the food production industry may include, fish farm workers, meat process workers, agricultural or horticultural scientists, fishermen or food technicians.

If you would like to work in food production or even need staff to work in your food production company in Glasgow, Inverness or around Scotland, please contact us here.

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