Top 5 Scottish Dishes

We all love our food! Especially food from our heritage. Here’s our Top 5 Scottish Dishes eaten by nearly, if not all, every Scots person. Porridge You can’t start your day without your porridge. Traditionally made with oatmeal, water, and … Continued

Current Job Positions

We have a couple of job positions available for immediate start within the Inverness and Dumbarton area. If you are interested in any of these positions please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.   Welders in Inverness: … Continued

The Food Production industry in Scotland

The food production industry in Scotland has a fantastic variety of produce including some of the most sought after natural produce in the world. Food manufacturing in Scotland employs approximately 33,600,00 personnel with an annual turnover of 4.7 billion. This represents … Continued

Hiring new staff in August

The school uniforms have been bought and the summer holiday abroad seems like nothing but a distant memory, but August may not be all doom and gloom in the recruitment world. August may not seem like the best time of … Continued

How to be a great boss

Being a good boss can be a difficult task, but have you ever wondered how to be a great boss? Being a great boss takes a certain amount of skill and tact. Becoming a great boss will allow you to … Continued

Your online presence | LinkedIn

In today’s day and age, it is no longer only about what your CV has to say about you that counts, but your whole online presence. Approximately 77% of employers in 2014 are now ‘googling‘ their prospective employees to find … Continued

Employee training in Scotland

According to a recent survey, employee training in Scotland is higher than training in any other part of the UK. According to The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), around 65% of employees received training at work which is up … Continued

Life without the Internet

The internet has accrued 50 million users in just 5 years! Something which took TV 13 years to do, which poses the question…can you imagine life without the internet? The internet has become the centre of life as we know it … Continued