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The school uniforms have been bought and the summer holiday abroad seems like nothing but a distant memory, but August may not be all doom and gloom in the recruitment world.

August may not seem like the best time of the year to start hiring new staff, but contrary to the holiday blues,
August is the ideal time of the year to start hiring new staff with an average of 3.1 candidates per job compared to the number during the rest of the year, 2.1 per job.

Mike Beresford, MD of Randstad Technologies said: “If you want the best odds on scooping up high-flyers, August is the month to hire. These figures show the competition for the best talent is less intense. With the ratio of candidates to potential vacancies so advantageous to the hiring organisation, the summer is an ideal time to recruit.”

We are now half way through the working financial year meaning it is the perfect time for department heads to start analysing their budgets and taking advantage of what is remaining. By using the remaining budget to budget for a new member of staff it may excel your company to a new level by hiring new staff members who can help the original team meet deadlines and boost productivity.

Steve Wilkins, HR Manager for global courier company, Fedex states, “Many companies lost focus on recruitment during the recession but now – with low unemployment and a skills shortage, people are going to have to update their strategies pretty quickly.”

Many big companies all over the world are adapting this theory of August being the top month to hire with hundreds of jobs becoming available within the past weeks. Companies such as Kelloggs, Coca Cola, Renault and Virgin Active are among the many of companies with huge recruitment opportunities this month so why not join them and hire new staff for your company. Find out more about these here.

The top companies hiring in August 2014 | Reed
The top companies hiring in August 2014 | Reed


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