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Applying for jobs can be a long and difficult process but if you have got to the stage and you finally have got an interview for that job of your dreams then you want to go to the interview and nail it!

We all know a job interview can be a scary situation and it never seems to be easier, no matter how many interviews you have been on, but we want to help you out on your next interview and by following our interview tips you will be on your way to interview success.

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It is completely natural to get stressed or anxious before an interview and most people will but there is no need to let the nerves get to you too much. If you have gained an interview for a job you have applied for, then you have already made a good impression and the interviewer just wants to know a little more about you and meet you face to face.

So just remember and: Keep calm, know that they already want to meet you and be yourself and one of the most important things you can do to calm your nerves is…prepare!


Researching both the role of the job you applied for and the organisation itself is one of the most important interview tips and is vital in the preparation and success of the interview. Thinking about how well you believe your skills suit the job role and how your personality suits the company is a sure way to impress the interviewer with your knowledge and to ensure your nerves don’t stop you answering the questions perfectly.

Another great way interview tip is to be prepared to answer the question which every employer is going to want to know; why do you want this job?

The best way to answer this is by being honest with yourself, why do you want this job? Is it to improve your skills within a certain area? To work well as part of a team? To make a difference to something? If the answer is simply, to make money…then try not to make that the main point.

An employer is looking for someone who knows what they want and someone who is willing to put in the effort to do so, so if you know exactly why you want to work with this company over another, tell them that.

Interview tips & tricks

First Impressions

You never get another chance to make a first impression so you want it to be a good one! As soon as you enter the interview, the employer has already made a lot of decisions based on their first impressions so here are a few essentials to ensure you catch their attention.

1. Firstly, dress for the occasion. Although you would love to throw on your favourite jeans and t-shirt, an outfit for general wear is not the outfit for a job interview. Your outfit will say alot about you so you are looking to wear a smart outfit which will show you off to the best of your potential. As well as this personal hygiene and grooming are essential to a sharp image so ensure clean fingernails and jewelry, makeup and fragrances are kept to a minimum.

2. Ensuring you keep your nerves at a bay is a must and displaying a confident front will make your potential employer take note and listen to what you have to say. Use minimum amount of filler words such as ‘um’ and ‘well’ and try and make the employer pay attention by using phrases such as, ‘that is a good question’. After researching and preparing for the interview your need for filler words will be unnecessary and you will be able to wow at the interview with your confidence.

3. Similarly to the above, it is all about how smart and professional you appear and body language can say a lot about you. Do not slouch in the interview, sit up and appear interested and you will have made the best first impression you can.


Finally, one of the most important ways to wow your future employer is to ask lots of questions! Believe it or not, the interviewer is likely to be almost as nervous as you and for you to ask questions rather than them doing all the talking is a great way to make an impression. If you have done your research you are able to go in with prepared questions which will both make you look interested and intelligent and if you do not find the opportunity to ask these questions during the interview, the interviewer will give you a chance at the end of the interview.

With these tips you should be on your way to interview success and we wish you all the best in your career.

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