Top 5 Scottish Dishes

We all love our food! Especially food from our heritage. Here’s our Top 5 Scottish Dishes eaten by nearly, if not all, every Scots person.



You can’t start your day without your porridge. Traditionally made with oatmeal, water, and cooked with a pinch of salt. Today, most use sugar and add dried fruits for extra flavour. How do you eat yours?

Here’s a recipe for Porridge.



Main ingredients are: minced offal of a sheep, pig or cow, then mixed with suet, oatmeal, spices, onions, and seasoning. You buy them in synthetic casings, but back in the day they used the stomach of the slaughtered animal to boil the haggis. It’s main dish would haggis, neeps, and tatties. In restaurants today, you’ll find you can order haggis pakora as a starter.

Here’s a recipe for Haggis.



The perfect biscuit with your tea. Buttery in flavour, melt-in-the-mouth texture, with plenty of crumbs falling to your plate. The best part, the caster sugar sprinkled all over the top for that extra sweetness.

Here’s a recipe for Shortbread.

Scotch Pie

scotch pie

Outer pastry shell, with a pastry lid filled with minced meat. Many different recipes are created for this with the creator heavily guarding his secret recipe. And because you can hold them in your hand, you see them being eaten in their thousands at football games.

Here’s a recipe for a Scotch Pie.

Lorne (Square) Sausage

lorne sausage

Pork or beef sausage meat set into a square shape and cut into slices. Either eaten with your full Scottish breakfast or place in a soft or crispy roll with ‘hunners of broon sauce.’

Here’s a recipe for Lorne Sausage.

Now, that you’re feeling hungry, send us an email and let us know which is your favourite Scottish dish?

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