The top CV Keywords to ensure you get hired!

CV Keywords can be the thing that helps you get your next job.

Writing a CV can be one of the hardest parts of job-hunting. Writing about ourselves can be one of the hardest things to do and when it comes down to it, a potential employer is only going to spend mere seconds scanning your CV before they decide yes or no.
But there is no need to panic, here is our list of top CV keywords to ensure you get your CV noticed and take your application to the next step!

Why use CV keywords?

Your CV may be checked personally by the employer or they may run your CV through an applicant tracking software, either way, they are checking for specific keywords. These keywords may relate to your skills, your training, your experience etc.
The more relevant keywords you use relevant to the job position, the more likely you will match the job dscription and your CV will make it to the yes pile!

How do I use CV keywords?

Although keywords are good to use, you don’t want to overdo it or use them inappropriately. Try and match your keywords to words used in the job description and also try and use industry relevant or technical words which shows you know what you are talking about and shows you are suitable for the job.

What are some great CV keywords?

Show off your skills in a positive light and ensure you show off how well you work. You can be positive about yourself without bragging and seeming unappealing. Try to compliment these keywords with examples of how you work well as a team or how you can be flexible and dependable, as you will be asked about these in the interview and you can beat them to it and cause a great impression.

Team-work, leadership, flexible, dependable, motivated, organised, hard working, confident.

CV Keywords

A trap most people fall into when creating their CV is to simply list their previous job duties rather than their job achievements. A future employer is much more likely to be impressed by something you have achieve rather than something you have been told to do. CV keywords such as the following give a real impression of pride of work and accomplishing something in your working day.

evaluated, achieved, budgeted, improved

CV Keywords

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